The Fibro Beatdown

One of the worst things about Fibro, aside from being bloody unpredictable, is the way it wrecks plans and schedules.

Had plans to see Shonen Knife and Red Fang last year and both fell through because I was either suddenly in too much pain to be around people on public, or I was drained like a Tesla without a charging station available.

And there’s the thing about being in constant pain….it will with make you a coward or a madman….usually a random combination of both…depending on the day.

That said, I’ve screwed my courage to the sticking place…. of sorts…..

So….I’m writing about it again.

Rambling, yes. But, see, that’s the madness I just mentioned, no?

Cannot Be A Consumer Anymore…

Recently, I’ve been fed up with media.

Nothing really satisfies me.

Not books, music, movies or anime. There are of course some exceptions, but they are few. I just can’t consume anymore without creating.

I’ve been stuck on the plot for my book, and today, I took a mental stand with myself and grappled with this blasted book.

The problem is that it’s rather like a comic book hero’s origin story. You’ve got to tell how they became a hero first, so you can then tell about them doing heroic things.


So…let’s commit to meet here more regularly, so I can share my stories with you.

I can’t consume, so I must create.



Well, today was just plain weird.

I’m lying in my bed because I haven’t felt well today and the area just behind and below my right heel in the tender hollow in front of the Achille’s tendon, my nerves put on a fireworks show.

“Sprong” as a word is the only way I can describe the sensation. It wasn’t just nerve pain, it had a vibration sense to it as the pain traveled up my leg to my groin.

In doing so, it had the frequency of a plate on a table as its spun. As it gets lower and lower, the sounds tempo increases. This is the same way the SPRONG fired off. Faster and faster until it was a steady pain and then it tapered off.

But I can feel my leg awash in the pains’s echo and it just doesn’t feel right.


Being a man with fibromyalgia can be difficult. It’s typically seen as an ailment that affects women, but it affects my 6’9″ very male self.

As time goes on, I intend to write about my experiences with Fibro as well as other issues I’m dealing with or projects I’m working on.

Today’s issue with Fibro is weather weirdness!

Whenever the weather is other than clear, strange things happen in my body; Sometimes I’m in pain, other times I have no energy. There are times when I feel sensations in my body that aren’t real. Spots of hot or cold, hyper sensitivity to fabrics. Sudden pains ANYWHERE, including the manly bits. Ugh. Those can be the worse.

Finally is the muscle weakness and/or spasms. Those occur anywhere, but TODAY it is my large leg muscles twitching. When they twitch, it looks like I’m bouncing my leg with nervous energy…..but it’s not under my control.

Sigh, I’m tired and going back to sleep. I have to drive for 3 hours later.

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